What’s New — AvidPlay 2020.1

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Since its launch, Avid Link continues to enable creators of all types to connect and collaborate with each other on a global scale, help them to keep their Avid applications up to date easily and efficiently, allow them to find, purchase, and update licensing and installing of Avid and 3rd party products, plug-ins, and services, and expand their creative opportunities.  With steady growth of approximately 2000 users being added each day and more than 370,000 new members in the community, the potential for Avid Link users continues to rise.

AvidPlay, launched in the summer of 2019, is a key, integrated service, embedded within Avid Link, designed to offer music creators a simple and streamlined way to distribute their music to many of the major streaming platforms, worldwide, at an affordable cost.  Users keep 100% of their music rights, and earnings.  AvidPlay also offers more opportunities for users to be discovered in the Avid Link community, via the Lounges, and gives users the ability to manage their releases right from their desktop or mobile device.

Every new year brings new opportunities, and AvidPlay is primed and ready to help enable users with even more choices when it comes to streaming platform options, plans, and ways to share their music with their audience.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the new features and benefits now available in AvidPlay in this new release!


Distribution Service Additions

AvidPlay already connects users with many of the world’s most popular streaming services, including Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal, and so much more.  With this new release, we’ve added Apple Music and TikTok to the list.  The addition of these two services is a huge win for users who wish to reach the maximum number of listeners and potential new fans across the world.  Apple Music boasts a user base of 60 million customers, all hungry for new music and artists to discover and listen to.  The addition of TikTok, gives users a gateway to more than 500 million active users.  Users just might find their music being used in one of the many hilarious and trending memes and videos the service is best known for.  Remember, AvidPlay users keep 100% of their earnings and rights!


The core tenant of AvidPlay is to allow artists and musicians to share their work with the world.  We’ve made this even easier in this version of AvidPlay, with the addition of the ability to share via social media, in the Releases section.  Once a release is live and distributed, users will now see a “share” icon, underneath each release.  Clicking that icon will automatically generate a URL link that can be copied into the user’s social media site of their choice.  It’s one more way that creators can use AvidPlay to reach their audience in a quick and easy way.

New Plan Choices

AvidPlay has always strived to offer amazing value and affordable plans, made to help users maximize their ability to grow their audience and income, without breaking the bank.  Plans start at just $5 per year, with options for releasing anything from a single track or an entire album.  With this new version of AvidPlay, unlimited releases and lifetime plans have been added for tracks and albums, starting at just $9.99.  Users now have even more choice to find the plan that works for them and more flexibility to upgrade as their fanbase grows.

The release of Avid Link 2020.1, with the additional choices and benefits available to customers in AvidPlay, sets the stage for an exciting year for our customers.  There’s more planned, and we couldn’t be more excited to see and hear what our users will create and share with the world.  If you’re not yet an Avid Link user, there’s no better time to join.  Visit The Avid Link site , or download on your iOS or Android device, and start your journey now!

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I am an electronic dance music producer and DJ residing in Miami, where I've gained a reputation as "Florida's Godfather of Techno" with releases on labels such as Ovum, Plastic City, Nervous, and more. I am also a member of the Avid Pro Audio team.