EUCON 2019.5 Now Available — What’s New

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We are excited to announce the new EUCON 2019.5 software update for Pro Tools | S6, S3, Dock, Control App and Artist Series controllers. EUCON 2019.5 delivers tighter mixing workflows with Pro Tools, brings advanced monitoring capabilities to the Pro Tools | Control App, and provides S6 users with integrated support for KVM and control systems. The EUCON 2019.5 update also fixes over 50 bugs since the last release.

Tighter Integration with Pro Tools

Let’s take a closer look at some of the new capabilities that EUCON 2019.5 offers to enable much faster mixing workflows when working with Pro Tools—note that these features require the new Pro Tools 2019.5 software update to be installed:

“Scroll to Track” and “Scroll into View”

The much-requested ICON features, “Scroll to Track” and “Scroll into View”, now work on EUCON control surfaces. These features makes it easy to scroll Pro Tools windows and bank your control surface accordingly to get to the tracks you need faster. With “Scroll to Track, you can quickly search for and scroll to a track by typing the first few letters of the track’s name. With Scroll into View, you can quickly scroll a track into view by clicking on the track name.

Scroll Into View: Shift-Ctrl while clicking on track in Pro Tools banks the controller to show you that track on a fader

Scroll to Track: By either using a keyboard shortcut or a EUCON Softkey, you can quickly search for a track in your Pro Tools session and have the controller bank to the corresponding track

Pan and Send Auto-Open/Close

In addition to the current feature to automatically open plugin windows when working on the surface, you now also have the option to open Pan and Send windows. These can be set to open from an Attention, a Function button press, or even a knob touch.

Quickly set what windows in Pro Tools will open when the corresponding knobs are touched

Intelligent Attentioning

We have updated the old “Attention On Select” method with a much more versatile system that provides you with seven options that control what causes the surface to Attention.

This integration between EUCON and Pro Tools gives you much greater control to customize what areas of the Pro Tools environment will attention a track and place it on the control surface.

Once Attentioned, the S6 surface can also focus the clicked-on plugin, pan or send controls and display them on either the Master Module or any of the Attention Expand Modules. For example, if you select “Name” to be actionable, you can click on any track name in your DAW and the controller will automatically attention that same track on its surface. This allows you to choose which S6 modules get populated on Attention with the plugin, send or pan parameters you need displayed.

From delivering ICON-favorite workflows to introducing entirely new ways of accessing and managing your mixing environment, this new level of integration between Pro Tools and Avid control surfaces delivers a faster and tighter experience than ever before.

On S6, you can even set your preferences as to how the corresponding Pro Tools parameters are mapped to the control surface

Full S6-Style Monitoring for the Pro Tools | Control App

You are now able to control Pro Tools | MTRX and XMON hardware via EUCON, as well as the monitoring sections in Pro Tools, Nuendo, Cubase, and Pyramix. This brings the operational efficiency of S6 to Avid’s other EUCON controllers with Source and Speaker select, Folddown, Cue and Talkback control (including footswitch).

New Pro Tools | Control Monitor View

Additional Enhancements

EUCON 2019.5 also introduces S6-style momentary faders values that allow you to determine what information gets displayed on the fader OLEDs, and a new preference to turn off the fader motors if needed. The release adds Ethernet control support for Thinklogical KVM matrix switches to S6, along with dual monitor switching, and source and destination naming for Thinklogical and IHSE KVM solutions. S6 users now also have GPIO Fader Start and Softkey Control, enabling them to trigger Softkeys from GPIs and activate GPOs from Softkeys, as well as assign one or more faders to GPIs for external fader control.

New S6 Workflows Video Series

Check out the new Avid Pro Tools | S6 Workflows for in-depth explorations of how to use Layouts, Spill Zones, Expand Zones, and much more.

Availability and installation

EUCON 2019.5 is available now for download. To install the EUCON 2019.5 software update on S6, your console needs to be on a current Avid Support Plan. Your console came with 1 year of Avid Advantage ExpertPlus support with Hardware Coverage so please check your support plan expiration date. There are several options for renewing coverage (even if your plan has recently expired). If you are a registered owner, you will receive an email with details, or you can contact Avid directly to hear about your options at: +1-650-218-4058

For Pro Tools | S3, Dock, and Control App customers, simply log in to your Avid Account to download the new software.

For Artist Series controllers, log in to your My Artist Series Account  to download the new software.

Please note that the new Pro Tools-specific features (including “Scroll to Track” and “Scroll into View”, Intelligent Attentioning, Pan and Send Auto-Open/Close) require that you also install the new Pro Tools 2019.5 software update.

Pro Tools | S6

Choose a pre-configured S6 system or build your own. Speak with our experts to determine the best fit for your workflow and business.

After spending 20 years editing and mixing everything from music to feature films and designing and installing multimillion dollar audio facilities in London, I joined Euphonix and moved to the US to manage the System 5 and MCPro products—during which time the System 5 became the pinnacle Film and TV Post mixing console. After Avid acquired Euphonix, I helped design the S6 and now handle product management for all control surfaces.