EUCON 2020.11 Now Available—What’s New

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EUCON 2020.11 is a massive update for Avid’s control surfaces, and introduces many new workflow enhancing features, including Pro Tools Folder Track Spill, PECDIR metering for Film Post, the new Avid Control Desktop App for Avid S1 and S3, and much more.


Pro Tools Folder Track Spill (Avid S1, S3, S4, S6, Control App, Artist Mix)

From the touch screen, surface, or Avid Control App, you can now spill out not only VCA Masters, but also Folder Track members. For the S1, S3, Control App and Mix it works the same way as VCA Spill in every way—the S1 even has the S3’s Multi-master Mode. For the S4 and S6 the same applies, spilling members into zones, left or right and even on Attention. In addition, there’s the option of opening and closing the folders in Pro Tools on Spill and UnSpill.

Avid Control Desktop (Avid S1 and S3)

For the new Avid Control Desktop Application, we took the Meters View from the Avid Control iOS/Android app and expanded it, letting you run it on a Windows or OSX workstation—you can even run it on a separate workstation from your DAW. It’s fully scalable in size and can follow from one to four S1 surfaces (8-32 tracks) or one S3 (16 tracks). It can also be mixed and matched with S1’s using a tablet to monitor metering. For example, if you have three S1’s, one could have a tablet meter and the other two could use the Desktop App.

Avid Control Desktop App running in conjunction with Pro Tools

Avid Control Desktop App can be customized to your workflow and desktop layout. You can size it small with just the track name and meter, but then expand it out vertically to add routing, automation, group data, and a multi-use Function Graph. And then at the maximum height, you can display all three graphs at once (Pan/EQ/DYN), and the settings panel offers you numerous other customizations . The new Avid Control Desktop App is free and included in the EUCON Workstation Installers for Windows and OSX.


PECDIR Metering (Avid S4 and S6 with Post Modules)

Utilizing the same Display Module hardware already on S4 and S6, you now have the ability of linking them to your PECDIR Post Modules and displaying the tracks from Post Layouts. PECDIR Metering offers you five different views (1, 2, 3 and 4 high, plus large meters), two different color options, and up to 10 wide surround formats. Both an Input (DIR) and an Output/Playback (PEC) meter can be assigned to these Post Layout Tracks. These can be from any track, from any connected Workstation (Pro Tools and MTRX), and up to three Display Modules can be used with three Post Modules.

Red/Green color option

4 Rows View Metering

Normally the PEC meters would come from the Pro Tools Recorder, and there is now a preference to auto populate these. Pro Tools versions 2020.9.1 and later can keep meters on Disk Playback even when switching to Input when connected to a Post Display Module. The DIR meters can come from the Playback Pro Tools or even MTRX.


EQ and DYN Cycling (Avid S1, S3, Control App, Artist Mix)

The S4 and S6 have this feature already and now it’s on EuControl Surfaces. Tap the EQ or DYN button and Pro Tools looks at the “EUCON Surfaces EQ DYN cycling Starting at Insert” setting for which slot to start in and displays either that slot or the next one that an EQ/DYN is in. Tap the button again and it moves to the next slot that an EQ or DYN is in. The Graph and the knobs on the surface follow. Keep going and it goes through them all and then back around to the first one.


Track Rename (Avid S4, S6, Control App)

You can now rename Pro Tools tracks from both the Avid Control App and S4/S6 Master Module. On Avid Control, double tap a track name anywhere and you will be presented with a keyboard for renaming. Similarly, on the S4/S6 Master Module, double tap the Home Screen’s Track Name to rename it.


Auto Bank to Selected Track (Avid Control App)

Now Avid Control can join the surfaces and follow Track selection. Not only is there now a new preference that can sync all screens together so the same tracks are always visible, but if you want the screens to bank independently, you can still sync a single screen by pressing and holding the Screens Tab name at the top.


All Controls Track Automation Feedback (Avid S4 and S6 Display Modules, Control App)

Now, on both the Avid Control App and S4/S6 Display Modules, you get visual feedback whenever ANY control on a track goes into Write or Preview mode.


Lots of smaller features and bug fixes

As always, EUCON 2020.11 features numerous bug fixes and smaller enhancements, including:

  • Big Sur support (Intel only) for EUCON—note that Pro Tools does not yet support Big Sur (click here for details)
  • EuControl bank by whole surface
  • Save Layouts locally
  • 32 Foldowns on the Monitoring page of Avid Control
  • S4/S6 Workstation Softkeys
  • Title name and save confirmations
  • And more

Avid Control Desktop App with Avid S3 control surface

Availability and installation

EUCON 2020.11 is available now available for Avid S4 and S6 with a valid Avid Advantage support contract—just log in to your Avid Account and find the installer link.

For Avid S1, S3, Dock, Control App and other EuControl surfaces, simply log in to your Avid Account to download the new software.

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