EUCON 20.5 Now Available—What’s New

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Avid is pleased to announce that the EUCON 20.5 software update is now available for all EUCON control surfaces. This release offers support for the new Pro Tools Folder Tracks, as well as Layout creation directly from the Avid Control app—plus many bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Folder Tracks

Pro Tools 2020 introduced Folder Tracks, which introduces new ways of working in the software and with control surfaces. Folder Tracks can perform a simple organizational function or be part of your session routing infrastructure, and they greatly simplify and speed up control surface operation.

On both Avid S4/S6 and EuControl control surfaces, you now have the option to show not only Hidden Tracks but also Closed Folder Track Members. These can be selected individually when in Banking, Layouts, or Spill mode, giving greater flexibility for different workflows.

Nine new Softkeys offer full control over opening and closing both Parent, Child, and Sibling Folders for the attentioned track. You can also control multiple folder tracks via the Do to All and Do to Selected commands. In addition, the Tracks Screen now has buttons and icons that enable opening and closing Folder Tracks by touch.

S4 and S6 also gain a new Strip command on the CSM/fader module to open and close folders directly from the surface. You can also filter your view using the Type button on the Master Module to view your folder tracks. Stay tuned for additional EUCON Folder Track workflows in the future.

Layouts Assign from Avid Control

Layout creation for surfaces using EuControl just got a lot easier and more flexible in 20.5, and now works similarly to S6. From the Avid Control app you can build layouts quickly, directly from the Tracks Screen. Pressing the Assign button brings up a new set of buttons and track blocks that match the connected physical surfaces (S1, S3, Mix and Control). From here you can assign tracks, blank strips, attention or Auto Assign. An improvement to the previous method of creating Layouts in EuControl, you can now insert and delete tracks, and others will shuffle to make room or close the gap. Convenient Blank All and Clear All buttons make it easy to start a fresh.

Once you’re done assigning tracks, the new Layout can easily be named and stored right from the Avid Control app screen, from which Layout recall is also possible

Availability and installation

EUCON 20.5 is available now available for Avid S4 and S6 with a valid Avid Advantage support contract—just log in to your Avid Account and find the installer link.

For Avid S1, S3, Dock, Control App and other EuControl surfaces, simply log in to your Avid Account to download the new software.

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