What’s New in Media Composer 8.9.3 — Now Available

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Whether you’re a Media Composer veteran, coming back to Avid, or new to video editing, working with Media Composer 8.9.3 is now easier and more productive. This new update is packed with great new features that accelerate your editorial workflows. Here’s a detailed overview of what’s new in Media Composer — now available!

The following new features are also available in Media Composer | First 8.9.3, empowering you with the right tools and advantage you need to succeed—for FREE!

Note that this release includes support for Mac OS v10.13.

Relinking across Frame Rates

With this release, you can relink across different frame rates. A new option has been added to the Relink dialog box that allows you to relink to clips across different frame rates. This option is enabled by default.

Motion Adapters and Source Settings Support for Matte Key Effects

With this release, Matte Keys support Motion Adapters. Adapters are applied to both the graphic fill and alpha sub tracks. This allows users to change the format / frame rate of a sequence that has Matte Keys.

Effects parameters Update

With this release, the following effect parameters have been updated to include a decimal for better precision.

• Picture in Picture Position X and Y parameter values have been extended to -3000.0 to +3000.0.
• 3D Warp Axis X, Y, and Z parameter values have been extended to -3000.0 to +3000.0.
• 3D Warp Target X and Y parameter values have been extended to -3000.0 to +3000.0.
• Resize Position X and Y parameter values have been extended to -3000.0 to +3000.0.

Adjusting FrameFlex Parameters

With this release, using the Shift key while adjusting the X, Y, Size, and Z Rotation framing parameters, allows for a more controlled adjustment.

Move Clips Up and Down in the Timeline

New Keyboard command allowing users to move Clips Up and Down in the Timeline .The Move Clip Up and Move Clip Down keys are assigned to the up and down arrows of the default keyboard settings.

Color Info Tool Setting

A new setting has been added to the Effect Editor that allows you to disable the Color Info Tool from automatically launching when you access a color picker.

Audio Pitch Correction

This release includes an Audio Pitch Correction option. This can be enabled in the Audio Settings in the Project window. With Pitch Correction enabled, when you shuttle at speeds above sound speed, a pitch shift is applied to restore original pitch.

Dynamic Shuttle

With this release, you can use the Dynamic Play Forward and Dynamic Play Reverse buttons to adjust play speeds at smaller increments than with the usual J and L keys. Combined with Audio Pitch Correction you can now speed through footage, and monitor the dialog more clearly than ever.

Color Correction Presets

The effects library contains several color correction preset effects that you can apply directly to clips in a sequence. Click the effects icon in the Project window to access the list of presets.

Tool Palette Update

This release includes changes to accessing the Tool Palette. The Composer window Fast Menu that had previously displayed the Tool Palette has been replaced with a new Tool Palette button. And the Project window Settings tab includes Tool Palette settings allowing you to have customized versions of the Tool Palette.

Audio Mix Tool Settings Update

In a previous release, you could choose to set the display of the Audio Mixer Tool in either an expanded or narrow view by right clicking in the tool and selecting Set Display Options. With this release, you can create user settings for displaying the Audio Mix Tool.

Displaying Faster Thumbnails

If you prefer better resolution for the thumbnails displayed in a bin, deselect Faster thumbnails from the Bin menu. This option only applies to the currently selected Bin.


Get more details on these features, changes and improvements in the ReadMe and What’s New documents on our Media Composer Documentation page.

Media Composer 8.9.3 is now available for all customers who have a Subscription, Floating or Perpetual License with an active Upgrade and Support plan. As soon as you connect to the internet, your Avid Application Manager will notify you about the availability of this new version. If you don’t have an internet connection on your system, just download the latest version from your Avid Account or the Video Download Center.

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