What’s New in VENUE 5.4 Software for S6L

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The VENUE 5.4 software update is now available for S6L, bringing significant new capabilities to our flagship system. Designed with input from leading sound designers and system integrators, VENUE 5.4 introduces advanced new workflows to meet the challenges of even the most complex theatre and house of worship productions in addition to a range of exciting capabilities for all S6L users.

VENUE 5.4 is now available to download at no charge if you have an S6L system and a valid Avid Advantage Elite Live support contract—you’ll find the installer in your Avid Account.

Here’s what VENUE 5.4 brings to S6L

  • Mix theatre productions with ease— with significant updates to the VENUE Snapshots and Events systems.
  • Take ownership of any Stage 64 output in shared I/O configurations with the new Output Sharing feature.
  • Mix faster, the way you want, with a range of new control surface and software workflow enhancements.


Snapshot Enhancements

The VENUE Snapshots system has been significantly updated with VENUE 5.4. Theatre operators can stay on top of every performer, act, and scene with new workflow enhancements that take the stress out of mixing live theatre. Let’s take a look at the new features in detail…

Each individual aux send is now available as a separate entity within the Snapshot scope:

Each snapshot can be defined as a parent or child of other snapshots. This allows the user to define a hierarchy of snapshots with child snapshots reporting to parents.

Snapshots can be defined as non-sequential, allowing the user to recall complex settings without affecting the position of the next/previous target of the snapshot cue list.

Each snapshot can be included within a selection group, enabling changes made to one snapshot to affect others within the group.

Fader level, mute, solo, Attention and safe parameters are now active in the channel strips in the External GUI > Snapshots page.

Updates to the programmable Events system

Significant capabilities have been added to the VENUE programmable Events system. This incredible level of customization of the S6L control surface and software allows users to perform complex mixing adjustments with speed and ease. Let’s take a look at the significant updates to the intuitively programmable Events system.

  • Almost all parameters are available as actions and triggers, including Input, EQ, Dynamics and Aux Send parameters.
  • X&Y switches and channel color switches are available as triggers to provide three user-defined switches for every channel strip.
  • MIDI commands are available as triggers and actions, allowing simple integration with MIDI-enabled systems such as QLab and Ableton Live.
  • MIDI time code (MTC) and linear time code (LTC) and time of day values are now available as Event triggers, enabling parameters to be recalled directly from time code without needing to create a snapshot.

When a function switch is programmed to trigger an Event, the Event name is provided in the MLM display.

Take ownership of any output in shared I/O configurations

When sharing Stage 64 I/O racks across two S6L systems, all outputs are no longer “owned” entirely by a master system. With the new VENUE 5.4 software for S6L, any engineer on the AVB network can take ownership of the shared Stage 64 outputs on a per-output card basis, giving you even more versatility and workflow possibilities.

Mix faster, the way you want

VENUE 5.4 software for S6L provides many new control surface and software workflow enhancements to let you customize and simplify your mixing experience. Drag and drop output channels. Engage multi-select quickly see the names of your devices in the Patchbay. Get faster access to the functions and controls you need. And so much more.

  • Rearrange your output channels by dragging & dropping Aux master, Group master and Matrix masters channel strips in the External GUI > Outputs page.
  • Get quick access to 32 Aux Sends in vertical channel strip mode.
  • Update your Show File using the Overwrite switch on the console Master Live Module.
  • See the user-defined names of your S6L devices reflected in the External GUI > Patchbay page.
  • Engage Multi-Select more easily by holding a channel Select key and selecting additional channels.

I hope that you’re as excited as we are about this release, as it represents another big step forward in the functionality and capability of the system. We’re sure that you will use many of these features and workflows regularly to deliver the best mixes possible for your artists in the months to come. Check out all that VENUE | S6L has to offer or contact sales to find the perfect system to meet your needs and challenges. You can also find the new “What’s New in VENUE 5.4” documentation here for more technical details of this release.

VENUE | S6L Now Available

The next stage in live sound is here—with the award-winning VENUE | S6L system, you can take on the world’s most demanding productions with ease.

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