What’s New in VENUE 5.5 Software for S6L

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The VENUE 5.5 software update is now available for Avid VENUE | S6L, bringing new capabilities to our flagship system, including:

• Support for the Avid Stage 16 remote I/O box

• Meters View on the console Master Touch Screen

• New system Key Commands on the console Master Touch Screen

Gain more I/O flexibility with support for the Avid Stage 16

With VENUE 5.5, you can now use Avid Stage 16 remote I/O boxes (the same I/O used by the VENUE | S3L-X system) in addition to your Stage 64 rack(s), giving you more networked I/O distribution flexibility. Each Stage 16 box provides 16 analog inputs, 8 analog outs, and 4 digital outs, making it an ideal compact solution for expanding or distributing I/O across any performance space.

• Connect up to four Stage 16’s and two Stage 64’s to support up to 192 analog inputs

• Get full support for Avid’s I/O sharing with True Gain functionality when using Stage 16 with S6L

• Stage 16 runs at 96kHz when used with S6L systems and integrates into S6L’s network infrastructure, allowing Stage 16’s and Stage 64’s to exist on the same AVB ring

• Maintain Patchbay assignments when changing configuration between Stage 64 and Stage 16

• All VENUE Link and Pro Tools Virtual Soundcheck workflows are supported for Stage 16

System Configurations:

The following system configurations are supported with VENUE 5.5.

System Configuration

Stage Inputs Max

Stage Outputs Max

Stage 64’s

Stage 16’s

AVB-192 Cards

Single System, Max Stage 16’s






Single System, Stage 64’s + Stage 16’s






Single System, Max I/O






Dual System, Shared I/O, max I/O






Note: Two AVB-192 Network Cards are required to connect Stage 16 to the E6L engine in all supported system configurations. VENUE 5.5 does not provide the ability to network VENUE | S6L with S3L-X systems.

Single system, 4x Stage 16

Single system, 1x Stage 64’s + 4x Stage 16’s

Single system, maximum I/O configuration

Dual system, shared I/O, maximum I/O configuration

Get better insight into your mix with Meters View on the Master Touch Screen

With the new Meters view on the Master Touchscreen, you can now get an uninterrupted continuous view of your channel metering across all of your S6L console screens. This new view provides all of the same functionality as the Meters view on your Channel Touch Modules.

Access key commands faster

Need a quick way to run a system test, lock your console, or shut things down? The latest VENUE software adds two new fast-access buttons to the Master Touchscreen. With the System button, you can quickly access such system commands as Shutdown, Info, Update, Lock, and Clear System. And if things aren’t working as expected, the Troubleshooting button enables you to quickly access and run system tests and more, directly from the control surface.

We are hugely excited about the release of VENUE 5.5 and the capabilities that it brings to S6L, including support for the Stage 16 remote I/O box. We’re sure that you will use many of these features and workflows regularly to deliver the best mixes possible for your artists in the months to come. Check out all that VENUE | S6L has to offer or contact sales to find the perfect system to meet your needs and challenges.

VENUE 5.5 is now available to download at no charge if you have an S6L system and a valid Avid Advantage Elite Live support contract—find the installer in your Avid Account.

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