What’s New in Pro Tools 12.8.2 — Now Available

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Following the release of Pro Tools 12.8, which brought integrated Dolby Atmos workflows to Pro Tools | HD and Cloud Collaboration to Pro Tools | First, we want to make sure there is a steady flow of beneficial enhancements coming your way. With 12.8.1, we brought integrated time compression and expansion with zplane, and with Pro Tools 12.8.2, we are continuing to bring many more game-changing solutions and enhancements to Pro Tools.

This latest release includes major improvements and new functionality across the Pro Tools family. One of the biggest changes across the lineup—MIDI. Today’s music producers and composers have an expectation of how their tools should enable and inspire creativity, and so the Pro Tools team has listened and implemented much of their feedback in this update of  Pro Tools.

With the latest release, we’re bringing a ton of MIDI enhancements such as MIDI Input Display, Pencil Tool enhancements, Record Progress Indication, and much more. All of these new features are going to help drive your creative process, speed up your workflow, and bring your ideas to life faster than ever before.

While improvements are being made on the MIDI front, we’re also bringing VR workflows to Pro Tools | HD. For the first time, you can now work with 1st, 2nd and 3rd order Ambisonics to create an immersive soundtrack for your virtual reality contentーand we’ve teamed up with Facebook to make it easier than ever to get started.  With Pro Tools | HD 12.8.2, we’re including the Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation!

We’re also bringing major improvements to Pro Tools | First, our free version of the platform. Users are going to benefit from some major improvements that are hitting the entire lineup of Pro Tools, but just for Pro Tools | First users, you can now open a Pro Tools session as a project using Pro Tools | First. What does this mean exactly? If you have friends or colleagues who use Pro Tools, you can now take their sessions created using Pro Tools or Pro Tools | HD and convert them to a project format in Pro Tools | First. All you need to do is open the session and use the Convert to Project dialog that pops up to save the file as a project in your cloud space—and then you can get to work.

But that’s not all that’s coming to Pro Tools 12.8.2. Pro Tools and Pro Tools | HD will be receiving Batch Rename and Scroll to Track capabilities. For tips and tricks on the new features in Pro Tools, click here. Or for tips and tricks for the new Pro Tools | HD features, including new Dolby Atmos® enhancements, click here.

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