What’s New in VENUE 4.6 Software for S3L-X

We are excited to announce the new VENUE 4.6 software update for VENUE | S3L-X—a major update to this powerful and ultra-compact system. Not only does VENUE 4.6 deliver significant new capabilities to speed up your mixing workflows—including one of the most user-requested features, an iOS app for Personal Monitor Control—but the VENUE 4.6 update also fixes over 100 bugs that have been identified since the last release.

VENUE 4.6 is available at no charge to all VENUE | S3L-X customers. To download the software, please log in to your Avid Account and find the installer link in your account. You’ll also find links to get 19 additional plug-ins—previously only available through an Avid Advantage ExpertPlus support plan—at no additional charge, including Pro Multiband Dynamics, Pro Subharmonic, and classic stompbox effects from Eleven Rack.

With VENUE 4.6, S3L-X users can…

  • Use the new VENUE | On Stage iOS app and step away from the console to fine-tune individual monitor mixes remotely on stage, or even let performers control their monitor mixes using their own mobile devices.
  • Navigate and mix faster with new touch-based workflows and touchscreen display support first introduced in S6L—engineers can touch areas of the external screen to quickly place parameters on the S3 control surface’s Channel Control encoders and adjust faders and other parameters directly on the touchscreen.
  • Experience the highest level of performance and stability when using VENUE | S3L-X through many system optimizations and improvements.


VENUE | On Stage Personal Monitor Mixing iOS App

You may have seen this recently released for VENUE | S6L, and now S3L-X users can enjoy the same control.  With mobile devices in the hand of every musician and engineer, empowering the musician to control their own mixes eases up the workload on the monitor engineer and removes the need for a heap of hardware and cables. At the request of users, we’ve developed a free app that works on all iOS devices (running iOS 10 or newer), allowing control of all levels and pan to aux mixes, as well as level, pan and mute control of the mains mix.

Using this simple app, up to 16 users can simultaneously connect to a single VENUE | S3L-X system and each choose a mix to control. It’s as simple as plugging in a WiFi Router to your E3L Engine’s ECx port, connecting to that WiFi network with your iOS device, and opening the app. Every connected VENUE system will show up as a system available for connection—just click the system you wish you connect to, and you will be shown a list of available mixes on that system. Choose the mix you wish to modify and you will see all of the member faders of that mix on your screen. Scroll to any send you wish to modify and turn it up or down. If you’re modifying a stereo mix, you’ll see a pan knob above each fader. To pan any send, just click the pan knob and a large pan encoder will pop up, then click the center of this encoder and drag in the direction of the desired pan. Additionally, the app offers a ‘Fine Mode’ for those of us with smaller devices to allow users to make detailed changes to levels.

New S3L-X Touch Workflows

Rather than navigating through menus leading to more menus, engineers can now, in one swift move, simply touch a tab, menu, control, or an area they wish to work on and have immediate control.  Touchscreen support allows an S3L-X operator to use a compatible touch display to select elements, adjust controls onscreen, and assign parameters to the S3 control surface. The following capabilities are provided:

  • Navigate through pages of the VENUE software by touch
  • Adjust faders and individual parameters using tap, hold and swipe functions
  • Select channels and other elements onscreen to target them to the S3 control surface

Navigation through the VENUE software

  • Touch the high-level tab (Inputs, Outputs Snapshots etc.) to navigate to the associated page of the VENUE software


Adjusting parameters onscreen

  • To adjust faders on-screen, touch, and drag the fader of the selected channel.
  • To adjust an on-screen encoder, touch an encoder so that it is highlighted and drag upwards to turn the encoder clockwise; drag downwards to turn the encoder counter-clockwise.
  • To adjust a value on-screen, select a text box to highlight the value and drag up to increase the value; drag down to decrease the value.
  • To toggle an on-screen button, touch the button to toggle that parameter on/off. The button lights when the parameter is on.


Selecting channels and other elements onscreen to target them to the S3 control surface

  • To select a channel, touch a fader strip in the channel strips section at the bottom of the Inputs or Outputs pages.


Using Touch Zones:

The Inputs and Output pages of the VENUE software provide access to all parameters associated with any selected channel. Parameters are organized in areas by type, in VENUE 4.6, these sections of parameters are enabled as “Touch Zones.”  To enable touch zones, navigate to Options > Interaction and check the box “Touching Parameters Targets Channel Control”.

A Touch Zone is an area of the screen which when touched or clicked, targets the associated parameters to the S3 control surface. For example, touching (or clicking) the EQ section on the Inputs page targets EQ to the Channel Control section of the S3 control surface:

Touch Zones in the VENUE Inputs page

The following Touch Zones are provided by the Inputs page: Input, Aux Sends 1–8, Aux Sends 9–16, EQ, Comp/Lim, Exp/Gate, and Inserts. Touch a Touch Zone onscreen and the associated parameters are targeted to the S3 control surface.

Touch Zones in the Outputs page

The following Touch Zones are provided by the Outputs page: Input, EQ, Comp/Lim, and Inserts. Touch a Touch Zone onscreen and the associated parameters are targeted to the S3 control surface.

The new VENUE 4.6 Touchscreen Workflows for VENUE | S3L-X and S3L have the following system requirements:

  • Avid VENUE | S3L-X or S3L system running VENUE software version 4.6 or higher
  • Free-standing DVI-D compatible video monitor with 1024 x 768 minimum resolution (15-inch or greater touch display recommended)
  • 1x DVI-D cable
  • 1x USB cable (for enabling the touch screen function on the monitor)
  • Supported Touchscreen (the following touch screens are supported for use with VENUE | S3L-X running VENUE 4.6 software):
    • Dell S2240T
    • NEC MultiSync E232WMT
    • Acer UT220HQL
    • GeChic 1303i (w/DVI-D Adaptor)


From addressing a host of workflow issues to introducing a number of massive features, we are excited to deliver this significant update to help you get the most out of your VENUE | S3L-X system.

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