What’s New with the ACA?

By in Avid Customer Association

The Avid Customer Association (ACA) continues to take strides forward to impact the direction of the industry, resulting in a constantly innovative and collaborative experience for our over 27,000 members. Recent happenings from the association, including the results of the second annual vote and the new ACA structure, offer a look at how the  ACA is shaping the future of the media and entertainment community.


Second Annual ACA Vote – The Results are in! 

In asking our community to share their voice and vote on Avid’s future offerings in the second annual ACA Vote, they did not disappoint! With nearly 5,000 people participants in the vote, over 115 countries represented, and over 3,500 organizations, we racked up votes on what the community wants to see from product updates, solutions, and Avid’s future focus areas.

Remote editorial workflows, background save and custom read/write/delete permission are just three of the most requested items from the vote. Check out the complete results here. 

Avid is already working with the ACA Executive Board to deliver on these requests from the vote, just as was done last year with over 80 of the items asked for in the inaugural ACA Vote already delivered on.


New Structure – Taking the ACA into the Future

Avid’s leadership and the ACA continue to refine the structure of the program to ensure the most efficient and effective alignment with Avid and the needs of the industry. As the ACA celebrates its fifth year, its Executive Board of Directors has been discussing how the structure can be even more successful, how the dialog can be expanded, and how the ACA can be aligned to best collaborate with Avid and its partners. Some of the noted challenges with the current structure include overlapping areas, absent topics, and opportunities for broader engagement.

To address these needs and move forward together, the ACA Board is happy to share the new and improved structure of the ACA. Key changes include expanding collaborations with Avid’s partner ecosystem to include Alliance partners and Development partners, the addition of several new product-related committees, including Newsroom and News Production and a more diverse breakdown of committees related to strategy and future direction.

This new structure is expected to provide a more effective framework to solve the most important issues facing our industry today.

To become a member of the ACA or learn about our ACA leaders and more, visit www.avidcustomerassociation.com.

Avid’s Vice President of Market Solutions. An enthusiastic catalyst for change with more than 20 years in strategic leadership roles in the Media and Entertainment industry.