Inside the Post Production and Film Score of German Hacker Thriller ‘Who Am I’

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The postproduction videos of the successful German movie “Who am I” were already a big hit on YouTube. In order to round up this video series, Avid hosted a “Making of” event at the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF) on April 28 where the makers of the movie provided inspiring insights into their workflow.

For audio and video professionals as well as students in this field, there is probably nothing more exciting than looking over the shoulder of renowned industry experts while they are at work – the perfect reason for Avid to host a “Making of” event at the HFF in Munich. For this matter, Avid invited editor Robert Rzesacz, sound designers Daniel Weiss and Florian Holzner, composer Michael Kamm and mix engineer Ansgar Frerich from BASISberlin. The main focus of the event was the presentation of the entire workflow from rough cut and sound design to film score and final mix.

All the videos from the “Who am I” postproduction can be found on YouTube (in German).

Prior to the evening event, students from HFF, the SAE Institute and the University of Music Munich (Musikhochschule München) were invited not only to an interactive audio Q&A session, but also to an editing masterclass. Both of these special sessions were received very positively by the students who entered into lively discussions with the artists.

Avid application specialists Michael Bleser and Lars Kischkel kicked-off the evening event, which turned out to be informative and entertaining at the same time. The opener was a panel discussion with a subsequent introduction of the various segments of editing, sound design, film score and re-recording, rounded off by some Q&A. Each member of the production team gave insight into his work and described the close collaboration among the various team members from rough cut to final mix. It was especially interesting for the audience to hear about the close collaboration with director Baran Bo Odar who managed to create a procreative workflow by combining his very distinct ideas about the movie with the willingness to integrate suggestions from the team.

The event concluded with an informal get-together that allowed guests to ask the experts many more questions in a relaxed atmosphere. In the end, most of the attendees seized the opportunity to watch the movie (again). And to see this fast-paced hacker thriller with the eyes of someone who is privy to insider information made it even more exciting.

In case you missed the event in Munich, you can now just go to Avid Germany’s YouTube channel to look over the experts’ shoulders.

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