Wholegrain is Living Proof that AAX is Home to the Most Unique and Powerful Plug-Ins

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With a  limitless variety of AAX plug-ins available to add refinement and color to our creative work, it is always exciting to see products from our Alliance Partners that are truly unique. TrioDynPEQ and Quartet DynPEQ,  two breakout Plug-Ins from our friends at Wholegrain Digital Systems, have fast become go-to tools for legendary  engineers, and Avid will co-host Wholegrain Founder, Duane Wise and friends in our Berkeley site on January 25th, 2017, a few days after NAMM for a live clinic  and demonstration of his one-of-a-kind tools.

So, what makes DynPEQ unique? At the heart of DynPEQ is a traditional parametric equalizer. Dynamics processing can be applied to each band independently. DynPEQ employs total RMS level, digital modulation compensation, and more to make a fast, smooth, transparent, and powerful dynamics processor. The DynPEQ plugins span the categories of multiband dynamics, multiband EQ, and spectral dynamics. Both  support AAX DSP for compatibility with Pro Tools | HDX and Avid VENUE systems and they are available through Avid Marketplace and via  in-app purchase.

Wholegrain DynPEQ

Duane Wise, Wholegrain founder, discusses what inspired him to create DynPEQ. “From many years of listening to parametric EQ and dynamics processing by themselves, we experienced firsthand why they are used with reluctance. The well-known fatigue caused by dynamics pumping is often due to dynamics processing being applied to the entire spectrum. Dynamics processing is more valuable when restricted to the parts of the audio spectrum where it can offer the most help. We have found that many recordings are centric to the lead instruments and vocals, that the dynamics usually work well in that band, and that making even small dynamic changes outside of the lead band can make a significant difference with less pumping. DynPEQ can add significant finishing touches to acoustic ensemble recordings and can open up, or perhaps re-open, your aural world, where you can discover adjustments that are uniquely your own.”

Legendary producer and engineer Nathaniel Kunkel of Studio Without Walls raves that “Wholegrain’s DynPEQ algorithm is unparalleled in its field.  The speed and musicality of its processing made me recognize that this is a tool I cannot work without.  The DynPEQ plugins are as lightning fast as they are smooth and artifact free–to say nothing of the fact that Quartet embodies the best brick wall limiter I have ever used! A game changer for sure.”

Duane Wise and Nathaniel Kunkel

Wes Maebe (who will be on-site for the Wholegrain clinic in Berkeley) adds that “The DynPEQ plugins are so powerful and flexible that they’re not only the perfect rescue tools but also the perfect sound shapers.  Quartet has become my go-to problem solver.”

The Wholegrain DynPEQ clinic takes place at 6:00 PM on Wednesday 25 January 2017 – at Coast Mastering, 10th and Parker, Fantasy Studios building in Berkeley, California.  Many of us on the Avid Pro Tools and Avid VENUE teams are familiar with the location because this building also hosts our  offices!  Food will be provided, along with door prizes and extended trials for the DynPEQ plug-ins for all attendees. Please RSVP to rsvp.bay@wholegrain-ds.com  if you plan to join us in Berkeley.  Going to NAMM? Please stop by for a demo of DynPEQ at Booth 201C19, Level 2, at the Software. NAMM pavilion.

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